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Welcome to the section of the website reserved for registered participants. It is password-protected for several reasons not the least of which is that it contains personal information about participants including yourself. Please respect their privacy and maintain the confidentiality of this section by not publishing or revealing the login and password required to access this section of the website.

This section is divided into three parts and contains detailed information about next summer's trip route to which only registered participants should be privy. Since its inception, The Wabakimi Project has maintained a strict policy not to have prospective participants register based on the proposed route for a particular trip. Please do not publish or distribute this information.

Trip Planning - contains everything you need to know in order to prepare for your trip. Trip Leaders and registered Participants are introduced and the Route Description outlines where we'll be going. The Equipment List and Supplies List itemize what is provided and the What to Bring page details what to bring (both recommended and optional) and what not to bring. The Weekly Menu outlines the meal plan that each trip will follow. Use the Trip Planner form to let us know your flight itineraries to/from Thunder Bay, to reserve airport taxi shuttles, to indicate your outfitting needs, trip activity interests and hot drink preferences.

Getting There - contains information that you'll need when Travelling to Thunder Bay and when Travelling to Armstrong. The Staying in Thunder Bay page details the complementary pre- and post-trip accommodation arrangements provided for all participants chez 'Uncle' Phil.

Safety First - contains information to assure participants that everything possible has been done to prepare for any contingency. The Pre-trip Briefing page outlines the pre- and post-trip aspects of your trip that will occur in Thunder Bay. The Float Plan form is a detailed summary of the planned canoe trip that is left at the air base. The Safety Meeting page outlines what the trip leader will cover once you arrive at the rendezvous point. The Emergency Contacts page contains vital information that you'll need while you're away from home. Make two copies: one to bring with you; the other to leave at home or with a spouse, partner, relative, close friend or neighbour.

If you feel something is missing from any of these pages or if you have any suggestion for their improvement, please contact us. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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